Domestic Violence

Legal Aid is available if you and/or your child are or have been a victim of domestic abuse. This could be anything from suffering physical or sexual violence to controlling or coercive behaviour, such as being prevented from seeing friends or family or not being allowed access to money.

We can apply to the court for Non Molestation injunction to protect you and your child. We can also apply for an Occupation Order to stop your partner coming back to the family home if he lives there with you.

In order to qualify for legal aid we will need certain evidence from you.

This could be documents relating to a police prosecution or caution of your partner, an injunction within the last 24 months, or documents relating to ongoing criminal proceedings. If these are not available you can provide evidence from any domestic abuse organisation you have been involved with, or from a GP or health professional to confirm that the condition or injury could only have been cause by domestic abuse.

You can also get evidence by way of a letter from Social Services to confirm that your child is at risk from your partner.

These documents together with your proof of benefits, or 3 months payslips and 3 months bank statements if you are working, should be produced at the first meeting as without them we cannot act.