Child Care Law

Our Child Care Law department approaches each case with the level of understanding only achievable from specialising in Child Care Law.

Whether involving Social Services or dealing with a private law matter, it is important to be represented by those who understand how the law may affect you and your family.

We advise and represent parents, other family members, children and Children’s Guardians in all Public Law proceedings. These include proceedings where the Local Authority has applied for Care Order or Emergency Protection Order, where parents want to apply for contact with children in care (or children want to apply for contact with their parents), or on an application by a child or parent to discharge a Care Order. We can also advise and assist where children are voluntarily accommodated away from their home address (where no court order is in force) and will attend Child Protection Conferences. We are there to support parents or children during this difficult time.

Full public funding is usually granted to parents and children involved in public law cases regardless of financial means.

We also specialise in acting for children, parents and family members in other family disputes e.g. where parents are separated and there are problems in facilitating contact; or in a dispute as to where the child should live.

We are Law Society Children Panel members and provide advocacy at all levels of Court to ensure a consistent and professional service.